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Blog Free Geography Tools - jest nieprzebranym źródłem danych i wiedzy, której poszukujecie... ( START)

Blog jest autorstwa Leszka Pawłowicza. W swoim "
About" dotyczącym tego blogu, odpowiada na pytanie, które ja sam chciałem postawić na pierwszej stronie: "Dlaczego GlobalMapper?" - właśnie dlatego, że jest to bardzo dobre, sprawdzone i niezawodne narzędzie do zastosowań w GIS i kartografii... i przez analogię do tego, co mówi Leszek - aby spłynąć Wisłą od Krakowa do Gdańska wystarczy dobrze zaopatrzone canoe, i nie koniecznie transatlantyk...
A teraz wracamy do
Free Geography Tool...

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Nawet nie podejmujemy się tego linkować... Tam musicie poszperać Sami !!! Ale to dopiero początek tej przygody...

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KATEGORIE a w nich ilość tematów na 10 XI 2009

* 3DEM (13)

* ArcINFO (2)
* AutoCAD (4)
* cartography (73)
* coordinate conversion (31)
* data (108)
* DEM (52)
* DXF (7)
* E00 (5)
* ESRI (15)
* Garmin (73)
* geocoding (16)
* geology (11)
* geotagging (24)
* GIS (134)
* global warming (27)
* Google Earth (188)
* Google Maps (103)
* GPS (159)
* GPX (31)
* KML (110)
* Magellan (7)
* MapWindow (19)
* MicroDEM (31)
* printing (11)
* screencast (4)
* shapefile (70)
* software (11)
* spreadsheet (19)
* TIGER (8)
* topographic maps (44)
* Uncategorized (16)
* Web apps (41)

Leszek Pawlowicz

My name is Leszek Pawlowicz, and I’m the blogmaster of the site. I’ve lived in New York, Brazil, Connecticut, Massachusetts, California, and Arizona, and currently make my home in Flagstaff, Arizona. I have a bachelors in physics and astronomy from Wesleyan University, and an MIT Ph.D. in materials science and engineering, neither of which sees much use in my current job as a computer consultant and shovel bum. Interests include hiking, mountain biking, skiing, geology, paleontology, and archaeology of the American Southwest, with a special interest in rock art. Oh yeah, maps and geography, too.

This blog covers a wide range of free (and cheap) tools for handling geographic data, including GIS, GPS, Google Earth and Maps, neogeography, free data resources, and whatever else I feel like talking about. The range of post topics will be wide because my interests cover a wide range as well. I welcome any and all comments concerning this blog and the topics it covers, as well as your suggestions for what you’d like to see.

There’s no adequate and complete substitute for a good commercial GIS program like those from ESRI or MapInfo, especially in the hands of a well-trained user. But COTS GIS software can be expensive and cumbersome, and requires someone with extensive (and expensive) training to use it to its full advantage. There’s a lot of GIS work that doesn’t require such an expensive solution, and for those simpler tasks, it makes sense to use free tools that can do the job. One analogy is that if all you want to do is tighten some screws, you don’t need a fully-stocked machine shop with a highly-trained machinist, just a screwdriver; this blog covers free screwdrivers.

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