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Global Mapper v12.02 Available - April 2011

Global Mapper Software LLC is excited to announce the availability of our next release, Global Mapper v12.02.
Numerous significant enhancements and bug fixes have been made to Global Mapper for this release. The most significant changes are described below:
- Added built-in access to additional online Worldwide Imagery, Street Maps, MapQuest OSM Street Maps, and Topo Maps using the File->Download Online Imagery/Data menu command.

- Added new MapMart On Demand premium data source to the File->Download Online Imagery/Data menu command. This source provides easy access to the large library of data sets that provides.
- Added support for loading data from WCS (Web Coverage Service) data sources using the File->Download Online Imagery/Data menu command.
- Added new right-click option to Control Center to allow splitting a loaded vector layers into new layers based on the feature description, type, name, or any attribute value. The new layers will automatically be grouped under the original layer name.
- Updated creation of strike-and-dip points to allow dragging along the strike/dip direction when placing the points to automate selection of value.
- Added built-in support for NAD83 (CSRS) [Canadian Spatial Reference System] datum transformations.
All of the other numerous changes are listed in the What's New document that is displayed during installation.
Thanks - Global Mapper Software LLC

WHAT'S NEW IN Global Mapper v12.02

Significant New Features

  • Added built-in access to additional online Worldwide Imagery, Street Maps, MapQuest OSM Street Maps, and Topo Maps using the File->Download Online Imagery/Data menu command.
  • Added new MapMart On Demand premium data source to the File->Download Online Imagery/Data menu command. This source provides easy access to the large library of data sets that provides.
  • Added support for adding online sources that use the Google Maps tiling scheme, like a lot of ArcGIS tile sources and Nearmap imagery from Australia.
  • Added support for loading data from WCS (Web Coverage Service) data sources using the File->Download Online Imagery/Data menu command.
  • Updated creation of equal-value areas to allow selected just a single color value to create areas for rather than creating equal-value areas for all selected colors.
  • Added new right-click option to Control Center to allow splitting a loaded vector layers into new layers based on the feature description, type, name, or any attribute value. The new layers will automatically be grouped under the original layer name.
  • Added additional built-in line styles, including several new Dash styles with different dash sizes and spacing.
  • Updated creation of strike-and-dip points to allow dragging along the strike/dip direction when placing the points to automate selection of value.

New Supported Formats:

  • Added support for loading ioGAS .gas point files.
  • Added support for loading Lowrance USR v4 format files.
  • Added support for exporting point features to Lowrance USR v4 format files.

Projection/Datum Changes

  • Added built-in support for NAD83 (CSRS) [Canadian Spatial Reference System] datum transformations, with grid shifts initially supported for Alberta, British Columbia, New Brunswick, Quebec, and Saskatchewan.
  • Added built-in support for Combani 1950 (Mayotte), CSJ67 (Guyane), ED50 (TURKEY), Fort Marigot (St. Maarten), Guadeloupe 1948, Martinique 1938, RGFG96, RGM04, RGR92, and RGSPM06 datums.
  • Added built-in 10TM (Alberta) and Natural Earth projections.
  • Made Irish Grid coordinates display using grid tile letters and coordinates on the status bar rather than just the base eastings and northings.
  • Added support for decoding Transverse Mercator projections from Touratech .cal files.
  • Restored Bogota Observatory transformation from before v10 as it is more appropriate for all of Colombia.
  • Improved storage of New Zealand Map Grid and New Zealand Transverse Mercator parameters in GeoTIFF and MapInfo files.
  • Corrected ellipsoid used for Kertau 1948 datums from Everest 1830 to Modified Everest 1848.
  • Recognize "standard_parallel_1" for true scale latitude parameter for Mercator projections from WKT PRJ files.
  • Added support for Links and Clarke Links as a linear unit for projections.
  • Updated the projection selection dialog to display the base projection parameter values for State Plane projections.
  • Corrected EPSG codes used for SIRGAS 2000 UTM zones.

Scripting Changes

  • Added support for defining variables and associated values using the new DEFINE_VAR script command.
  • Added EXPORT_PDF script command to allow exporting PDF files from a script.
  • Added GENERATE_EQUAL_VAL_AREAS script command to allow creating equal value areas from a script.
  • Added support for copying attribute values in loaded vector data using the ATTR_TO_COPY parameter for EDIT_VECTOR script commands.
  • Made the EDIT_VECTOR command work for User Created Feature layers.
  • Added support for exporting ESRI-format .hdr files for BIL export by adding a USE_ESRI_HDR=YES parameter to the EXPORT_ELEVATION script command.
  • Added support for POLYGON_CROP_FOLDER_ATTR parameter to add an attribute name as a folder name when cropping to a list of area from a file.
  • Added support for adding lat/lon columns to CSV exports with an ADD_LAT_LON=YES parameter.
  • Added support for adding fading to raster KML/KMZ exports using KML_FADE_EXTENT_MIN and KML_FADE_EXTENT_MAX parameters for EXPORT_RASTER script command.
  • Added support for specifying quality for JPEG-in-TIFF exports using QUALITY parameter.
  • Added support for exporting DTED files with the EXPORT_ELEVATION script command.
  • Added support for only exporting vector layers to package files using the VECTOR_ONLY parameter for EXPORT_PACKAGE commands.
  • Updated Lidar import to support filtering out any types of returns rather than just keeping them all or just ground shot points.
  • Updated PDF export to include clickable hot-spot links for any point features with a LINK attribute pointing to a web page or local file.
  • Updated Shapefile export to add option to split the exports based on the feature display label or any attribute value (previously you could only split on feature type or description).
  • Updated Style tabs of Options dialog for vector layers to allow initializing the attribute-based styling list with the list of attribute values found in the selected layer(s).
  • Updated cut-and-fill volume analysis for area features to allow specifying a range of elevation values to calculate the volumes relative to. When this is done the results for each cut level will be displayed in a table.
  • Added option to the Vector Display tab of the Configuration dialog allowing changing the default font face name.
  • Reduced memory required for loading PDF files so that more PDF files can be loaded at once at higher resolutions.
  • Made cropping of multi-band exports to areas features work properly.
  • Added option to control fading and maximum display level for raster KML/KMZ exports.
  • Added advanced option to raster KML/KMZ export to allow separating each layer exported into its own ground overlay in the exported file.
  • Added support for <PhotoOverlay> elements from KML files. They will come in as Picture point features that show the image when clicked on.
  • Added support for using KML/KMZ files reference via external <NetworkLink> elements when loading KML/KMZ files.
  • Added support for using styles referenced via external URLs when loading KML files.
  • Made duplicate vertices be removed from area features when exporting to Shapefiles.
  • Updated equal-value area creation to support cropping to bounds or selected area features.
  • Added support for only selecting point features with the Feature Info/Digitizer Tool by holding down the ‘P’ key when left clicking, lines by holding down the ‘L’ key when left clicking, and areas by holding down the ‘A’ key when left clicking (previously area-only selection used the ‘P’ key).
  • Updated option to create a new point feature at a specified location to also allow providing an elevation value.
  • Made automatic iconization of road names work for European-style highway names (like A, B,and M roads) and also when you change the attribute to use for labeling rather than just at load time.
  • Added support for WMS servers that use CRS rather than SRS to specify projections in their GetCapabilities document.
  • Fixed poor performance with some TIFF files in the 64-bit version.
  • Updated gridding to area features to allow combining the export results of multiple areas that have the same attribute/label being used for naming.
  • Updated WaSP .map import to find areas that are holes/islands in other areas.
  • Fixed 1-pixel shift of data under a translucent layer half of the time due to rounding.
  • Updated to support VPF files with no 'lat' file when loading directly from a 'lht' file, such as is common with UVMAP data sets.
  • Fixed issue with built-in Landsat imagery data sources only getting up to 30m resolution data rather than better than 15m resolution. This bug has existing since v11.00.
  • Updated map catalog dialog to have a button allowing the modification of style settings for vector layers in the map catalog.
  • Fixed crash sometimes trying to find areas enclosed in other areas when partial overlaps are being checked for.
  • Fixed issue with X and Y coordinates being swapped when importing GML files with lat/lon coordinates.
  • Updated Bing Maps, Google Maps, OSM, and TMS tile exports to have option to force PNG files to export as palette-based PNG files rather than automatically switching to 24-bit RGB PNG files if each tile has more than 256 colors.
  • Made the style ‘Solid with Black Edges’ render correctly with fixed width in meters styles.
  • Include quotes around CSV column headers to prevent warnings in Excel for CSV files saved from the path profile dialog.
  • Updated import of VPF format data sets (like VMAP, UVMAP, DNC, etc.) to include both the decoded attribute descriptions and value descriptions as well as the raw attribute names and values.
  • Corrected issues importing and export Z/elevation values with DGN v8 files.
  • Updated equal-value area creation to save the palette index for the color value for palette-based files rather than the full RGB color.
  • Fixed problems with elevation legend display for very large values (i.e. over 1 million).
  • Prompt user for whether to recurse directories or not when adding a directory of files to a map catalog.
  • Remove error about file being open in another application when skipping existing tiles and exporting to new TIFF files.
  • Added support for providing view shed transmitter and receiver height values relative to sea level rather than ground via selected point attributes named OFFSETA_MSL and OFFSETB_MSL. You can also add ‘ft’ to the end of the height values to specify the heights in feet rather than meters.
  • Updated Gridding tab for exporting to allow specifying overlap as a number of pixels/samples in addition to percent of cell size.
  • Fixed crash when interrupting the draw of some TIFF files (i.e. zooming and/or panning fast around the data).
  • Fixed bug with modifications to vector features not being read from workspaces if the layer also used custom area, line, or point style setups for the layer.
  • Made areas exported to WaSP .map files always be clockwise in orientation.
  • Added option to CSV export to control whether or not lat/lon coordinate values are formatted according to the Position Display Format settings or just use raw numbers.
  • Updated option to create points at elevation grid cell centers in the Control Center to allow generating points only for a portion of the selected layer(s).
  • When creating new unclassified features or moving unclassified features to a new layer with a default type set, automatically change the type to the default type (area, line, or point) for the layer of the feature.
  • Updated Google Maps HTML export to use v3 of the Google Maps API.
  • Updated the area elevation statistics calculation to include the aspect (what direction the area faces) if it faces most one cardinal direction.
  • Made Lowrance symbol be remembered when importing a Lowrance USR file and exporting to a new USR file.
  • Significantly reduced or removed visual seams between elevation layer tiles in map catalogs and from online sources.
  • Fixed issues with area features from some DGN files coming in as lines.
  • Added some support for parsing tables of attributes in KML feature descriptions into separate attribute values in Global Mapper.
  • Fixed loading of SEG-P1 files that uses decimal lat/lon coordinates rather than DMS coordinates.
  • Fixed loading of some line styles from DGN files.
  • Split raster maps that cross the anti-meridian into 2 separate pieces when batch converting to a lat/lon projection, like for KMZ export.
  • Corrected view shed calculation when a range of transmission angles are provided.
  • Fixed problems with some attributes from some DGN files not being properly assigned.
  • Fixed export of HF2/HFZ files with fractional units (like centimeters).
  • Updated feature vertex display dialog to show lat/lon coordinates using the current Position Display Format setting rather than always showing decimal degrees.
  • Added right-click menu option to feature vertex dialog allowing you to easily spread the elevation values along the vertices of a feature to achieve a constant slope between the first and last point.
  • Added right-click menu options to feature vertex dialog allowing you to add per-vertex times and editing existing time/speed values for each segment of a line feature.
  • Added support for ENVI DEM files with 32-bit integer samples.
  • Added new right-click option to Download Online Imagery/Data dialog allowing you to set the maximum resolution at which to try and download data from a user-added WMS source.
  • Added new box minimum resampling methods.
  • Added new 9x9 box average and box max resampling methods.
  • Automatically shrink the font for the sub-path text display on the path profile dialog to make sure it fits if it is too large to fit in the default font.
  • Added option to specify stream area threshold for watershed delineation as a ground area or a fixed cell count.
  • Added option to save the flow accumulation values for each cell to a grid layer when calculating a watershed.
  • Updated watershed generation to add NEXT_STREAM_ID attribute to generated watershed areas where the ID of the stream that the stream for the watershed flows into is stored to facilitate determining connectivity.
  • Updated watershed generation to add DRAIN_AREA attribute to generated streams to show the total area that drains into the stream.
  • Update the label display for built-in dot symbols to be closer to the actual dot.
  • Made numeric values be sorted numerically in vector map legend.
  • Improved text placement for some TEXT entities from DXF files.
  • Added support for SOSI files with multiple unit multiplier specifications.
  • Added support for Architectural paper sizes for PDF export.
  • Corrected rendering of fixed height symbols to PDF files.
  • Fixed elevation values for points created from an elevation grid layer when offset and/or scale values are applied to the elevation grid layer.
  • Fixed loading of WKT formatted data from some text files.

Hi to All,

GlobalMapper - v. 12.01 Available NOW !!! -

  • Zgodnie z zapowiedzią, z początkiem stycznia 2011 - Global Mapper opublikował kolejną (tym razem >12.01<) wersję programu. ...the v12.01 release contains a lot of great functionality!
  • Kompletna lista nowych opcji, zmian, udoskonaleń, poprawek - poniżej
  • Download in PDF file

* * *
WHAT'S NEW IN Global Mapper v12.01 / 12 stycznia 2011 r.

>> Significant New Features <<
o Added built-in access to 1/3rdarc second (~10m resolution) US NED terrain data using the File->Download Online Imagery/Data menu command.
o Added option to export tiles conforming to the OSM (OpenStreetMaps) and TMS (Tile Map Service) standards for tile naming and zoom levels. This is under the File->Export Web Formats menu command and very similar to the Google Maps or Bing Maps exports.
o Added support for adding new custom OSM/TMS online tile sources on the File->Download Online Imagery/Data dialog.
o Added support for exporting loaded data to BSB Marine Chart format files.
o Added ability to improve display of 3D view by selecting the size of the terrain and texture layers to use when displaying the 3D view and also interpolating view of data draped from main map view. You can increase the terrain and texture sizes to get a more detailed (but slower) display.
o Added option to create area features from equal colors/elevations in any loaded raster/elevation layer by right-clicking on it in the Control Center and selecting the new option to do so. This is useful for things like extracting vector coverages from something like a land use/cover raster image, like NLCD data.
o Updated watershed analysis to allow finding the drainage areas that drain to a selected point as well as to trace the flow leaving selected points.
o Made custom symbols be embedded within Global Mapper Package (GMP) files so those symbols can automatically be used on other installations without having to first install those symbols. This makes GMP files even more self-contained for transporting data.
o Added support for automatically adding custom symbols referenced in KML/KMZ files.
o Added support for using overview layers from Erdas Imagine .img files when rendering, greatly speeding rendering of very large .img files with overview layers.
o Updated creation of area features from lines with the Digitizer Tool to provide options for the combination, including requiring closed areas to be created and also only connecting lines that match attribute-wise against the other lines. Also added progress reporting for the operation.
o Added new line drawing styles for a dashed line with arrows pointing to either or both ends.
o Added support for batch converting to mulit-band BIL, BIP, BSQ, and JPEG2000 formats.
o Added option to locate the minimum and maximum elevation values in selected layers via a new right-click option in the Control Center.
o Added new option to Measure Tool to display measurement paths and measuredistances/bearings using rhumb lines in addition to great circle or grid lines.
o Updated JPEG-in-TIFF export to use YCbCr color encoding to generate 2-3 times better compression at the same quality than the previous settings.

* * *

>> New Supported Formats <<
o Added support for new MrSID MG4 raster files, including support for multi-spectral MrSID images and MrSID images with an alpha channel for transparency.
o Added support for exporting loaded data to BSB Marine Chart format files.
o Added support for loading HRE (High Resolution Elevation) data files.
o Added support for loading ACE2 global elevation data set.
o Added support for loading WindSim .gws files with terrain and roughness data.
o Added support for Lowrance SL2 CSV files.
o Added support for exporting loaded terrain and roughness grid files to WindSim .gws format files.
o Added support for exporting loaded line and point features to Orca XML obstacle files.
o Added support for additional PDS format imagery files, including automatic support for positioning polar data from the moon.

* * *

>> Projection/Datum Changes <<
o Added support for supplying a rotation angle about the origin for some projections, like Transverse Mercator and Orthographic, to facilitate setting up rotated local grid projections.
o Added new Swedish Grid (SWEREF99) built-in projection with all SWEREF99 projections used in Sweden available as zones.
o Added new built-in Mercator (Navionics Special) and Mercator (Lowrance Special) projections to represent the custom Mercator projections used by Lowrance and Navionics.
o Added American Samoa 1962, GDM2000 (Malaysia), Lowrance, and Potsdam/DHDN (Ferro Meridian) datums.
o Corrected storage of central meridian for Polyconic projections in GeoTIFF files.
o Modified saving of NAD83 and NAD27 datums to WKT PRJ files so that ESRI products that are inflexible can recognize them.
o Made the corrected “standard parallel 1” field be used for the true scale latitude for the Equirectangular projection in GeoTIFF files.
o Added support for decoding LOCAL projections from WKT PRJ files.
o Added support for loading Laborde projections from WKT PRJ files.
o Fixed problems with wrong EPSG code being written to GeoTIFF files for State Plane projections that use units other than meters.
o Fixed problems with loading non-standard State Plane projections from PRJ files.
o Made RSO projections with 0 rotation angles work correctly.

* * *

>> Scripting Changes <<
o Added new EXPORT_SCALE parameter to EXPORT_RASTER command to allow exporting to a particular scale.
o Added new ATTR_TO_RENAME parameter to EDIT_VECTOR script command to allow renaming attributes from a script.
o Fixed problems with EDIT_VECTOR command not finding any matching results if a comparison string is provided without any type assignments.
o Added EXPORT_SLOPE_PERCENT parameter to EXPORT_ELEVATION script command to allow exporting slope values as percent slope rather than degrees when exporting Float/Grid files.
o Added support for exporting BMP files with the EXPORT_RASTER script command using a format of BMP.
o Updated GENERATE_ELEV_GRID command to support additional display options like those also supported by the IMPORT command.
o Added new LABEL_FIELD_FORCE_OVERWRITE parameter for IMPORT command to specify that any LABEL_FIELD value should be applied to all features even if they already have a display label.
o Added support for KML_MAX_LOD_PIXELS parameter for EXPORT_RASTER command to specify the value to use for the <maxLodPixels> tag in generated KML files.

* * *

  • Added new box maximum resampling methods for terrain layers to allow resampling elevation layers by finding the maximum rather than average value within a box of samples. Automatic sub-sampling of elevation layers during export will automatically use these rather than box average resamplers.
  • Updated SVG export to include display labels.
  • Drastically sped up calculation of raster statistics for contrast adjustment for JPEG2000 and ECW format files.
  • Added elevation under cursor (if available) to the current projection coordinate display on the status bar.
  • Added option when combining area features with the Digitizer Tool to only combine those with compatible attribute values.
  • Updated elevation legend display to only display the range of layers that are on-screen and not all loaded layers.
  • Made the last selected projected system for files with an unknown projection be remembered between runs.
  • Added new option to default auto-contrast adjustment to a linear min/max stretch rather than a standard deviation stretch. The option is in the Advanced Section of the General tab of the Configuration dialog.
  • Added new option to disable auto-contrast adjustment on load for high bit depth imagery. The option is in the Advanced Section of the General tab of the Configuration dialog.
  • Added new option to create a map catalog from selected layers on the right-click menu of the Control Center.
  • Added new option to combine terrain layers using a divide operation.
  • Added support for loading Global Mapper Grid (GMG) files larger than 4GB in size.
  • Added support for rotated ENVI files and raster imagery with ENVI headers, including massively multi-spectral ENVI files.
  • Added START_TIME and END_TIME attributes to tracklogs with timestamps imported from GPX files.
  • Added option to include MAP_NAME attribute when exporting Shapefiles. The attribute will contain the description of the map that the feature originally came from.
  • Added support for loading very large .zip files (Zip64 format) over 2GB in size.
  • Added option when loading very large OpenStreetMap (OSM) XML files to only load those features that intersect the current screen view.
  • Added support for generating MCF (uBlox position) files when exporting to most raster imagery formats (i.e. PNG, JPG, etc.).
  • Updated GeoTIFF export to allow using Deflate (ZIP) compression as well as specifying the quality to use for JPEG-in-TIFF compressed files.
  • Added new option when capturing the screen contents to an image to crop the results to the bounds of the loaded map data.
  • Added a new option during watershed generation to save the depression-filled DEM to a GMG file so you can use that later for repeat operations and have the depression filling already done
  • If water display is enabled on the Vertical Options tab of the Configuration dialog, show it on the 3D path profile dialog.
  • Allowed working with the underlying map while the 3D path profile dialog is open.
  • Added support for exporting palette-based BMP files.
  • Updated folder selection dialog to include edit box for manually typing a path.
  • Fixed problems loading ECWP (ECW file from the web) from workspace/script files.
  • Fixed problem with last point going out to full spacing in 3D path profile rather than to end of provided path when using a fixed spacing for the elevation samples.
  • Fixed issue with generated watershed stream network not saving to workspace files.
  • Fixed problems loading files larger than 4GB from map catalogs.
  • Fixed problems loading some BigTIFF files larger than 4GB in size.
  • Fixed issue from early v12.00 builds that caused box average resampling to automatically be used for some exports where reprojecting and changing units.
  • When creating tight buffers around line and area features with per-vertex elevations, copy the elevation from the nearest point on the source feature to the vertex in the buffer area so that the buffer area will be a 3D feature as well.
  • Made spacebar work to hide/show selected layers in the Control Center.
  • Fixed placement problems with some DGN files (i.e. those with a non-zero origin) in v12.00.
  • Enabled option to crop to the right-and-bottom bounds of grid cells when gridding to a fixed ground size.
  • Made area obstructions in view sheds work better when the area feature is small compared to the view shed sample spacing.
  • Updated the behavior of the arrow buttons in the Control Center for re-ordering layers to skip over entire groups of layers at a time.
  • Added support for serial GPS devices that use 7-bit mode (7N1) rather than the normal 8-bit (8N1) connection mode. This is for advanced users only. See the User’s Manual section on the GPS Setup dialog for details.
  • Updated the "same as source units" elevation unit option when batch converting to the GMG format to automatically switch meters to centimeters and feet to centifeet so that the full resolution of the vast majority of data sets can be maintained by default while still getting excellent compression.
  • Updated batch conversion to use lower-case file extensions for all conversions.
  • When loading geo-positioned PDF files with multiple positioned map frames, make the map frame that is the largest portion of the PDF file be treated as the main map frame if the users chooses to just load the main one.
  • Added support for loading DTED files that incorrectly store the row for each data record.
  • Made Control Center remember which groups of layers are expanded when new layers are added and the list is rebuilt.
  • Made workspaces remember their bounds properly when loading them by double-clicking in Windows Explorer.
  • Fixed problems from v12.00 exporting 3D area and line features or area features with labels to DGN files.
  • Fixed problem with the ‘default to use screen bounds for export’ option not working right if you didn’t actually click to the bounds tab of an export or other bounded operation option dialog before pressing ok.
  • Sort sources on Download Online Imagery/Data dialog alphabetically within each group.
  • Fixed problems exporting new OpenStreetMap (OSM) XML files with non-HTML characters in the name or attributes.
  • Corrected assignment of vertex elevations to selected area and line features when the layer didn't use meters for units.
  • Added Help menu link to Shortcut Key List.
  • Fixed incorrect calculation of slope values from some lat/lon elevation grids.
  • Updated new areas created by cutting out another area with the Digitizer Tool be created in the same layer as the area being cut rather than the ‘User Created Features’ layer if the area layer isn’t being reprojected.
  • Corrected placement of point symbols for 3D points in 3D view. They were shifted one symbol height down.
  • Updated watershed calculation for selected points to add the enclosed area of the watershed areas for each point to be added as a SHED_AREA attribute to the selected point features.
  • Fixed conversion of elevation units to feet when exporting to a new vector format with S-57/ENC data as the input.
  • Corrected application of contrast adjustment to NITF imagery layers that use embedded JPEG2000 files.
  • Made the feature measurement dialog resizable.
  • Fixed problems with some DGN areas being filled that shouldn't be.
  • Made changing the projection for multiple layers at a time using the Projection tab of the Options dialog for the layers work for more than the first selected layer.
  • Added advanced option to create world files for each exported tile when doing a WorldWind export.
  • Fixed bug in Digitizer/Edit Tool with splitting lines into separate features for each line segment that caused not all of the lines to be split.
  • Added support for loading Geosoft LUT and TBL palette files.
  • Fixed issue with main map not redrawing when double-clicking on a file in the file open dialog to open it.
  • Apply scale factor to values extracted from NetCDF files that include that, like some gravity grid files.
  • Made any vertices selected on the map also be selected initially when opening a vertex dialog on that feature from the Feature Info or Digitizer Tools.
  • Fixed problems loading some GRIB format files.
  • Made most GRIB data sets come in as elevation grids rather than rasterized and scaled grayscale data.
  • Made “version” attribute be maintained when importing OSM XML data.
  • Made area translucency, fixed width lines, and fixed height symbols be saved properly to SVG files.
  • Fixed issue rotating and scaling islands in areas if both the island and the parent area are selected.
  • Fixed flicker of map layout elements (like scale bar and elevation legend) when moving cursor around path profile.
  • Fixed export of borders for translucent areas to PDF files.
  • Made the margin color selection in the Map Layout dialog be remembered.
  • Updated the rotate/scale dialog to remember the last manually entered position selected to rotate about during a single session.
  • Made holes/islands in areas export properly to Lowrance LMC format files.
  • Fixed issue with 2nd rectification dialog appearing when rectifying an image with a map catalog of images loaded in the main map view.
  • Added support for decoding gml:Curve elements from GML files.
  • Fixed export of elevation data sets with valid values below -9999.0 to Arc ASCII Grid files.
  • Updated the palette dialog to allow editing the color or description for multiple entries at a time.
  • Added support for pulling in files via FTP using the IMPORT command in scripts.
  • Allow cancel when loading large PNG files.
  • Added option to Google Maps and Bing Maps (VirtualEarth) exports to fill each exported tile to the full bounds rather than cropping to the specified export bounds.
  • Fixed issue with changes to vertices made through the Vertices dialog off of the Feature Information dialog being lost if you switch tools or click to select a new feature in the Feature Info tool.
  • Fixed Bing Maps (VirtualEarth) export to use proper zoom scale names.
  • Fixed error exporting DGN files with a projected system not using meters as the ground units.
  • Fixed rare problem encoding negative elevation values to Global Mapper Grid files.
  • Made water drawn in the 3D view use the water color configured on the Vertical Options tab of the Configuration dialog rather than always being blue.
  • Fixed problems with path profiles generated over online elevation sources when the path spans more than one screen’s worth of data.
  • Added option to fill small gaps in data when batch converting to raster/image formats (it was already there when converting to elevation formats).
  • Added support for providing symbol rotation angles in attribute fields named ANGLE or SYM_ANGLE.
  • Fixed problems with missing per-vertex elevation values for some area features from DGN files.
  • Fixed bug in v12.00 release that caused contour areas to only cover part of the data set in many cases.
  • Updated XYZ Grid export of elevation layers to reduce number of decimal digits saved in some cases (such as for integer values).
  • When splitting line features with an “id” attribute at a vertex, clear the “id” attribute on all but the first new segment so there won’t be duplicate “id” values.

* * *

12nd January 2011.

WHAT'S NEW IN Global Mapper v12.00

Significant New Features

  • Added built-in access to the NAIP color high-resolution imagery for the entire United States via the File->Download Online Imagery/Data menu command.
  • Added built-in access to the ASTER GDEM terrain data at 1.5 arc second (~45m) resolution for the entire world via the File->Download Online Imagery/Data menu command.
  • Added 'Point Styles' tab to Options dialog for vector layers with point features allowing users to setup the styling of points in a layer. Now users can use the default type-based styling, apply a single style to all point features in a layer, setup an attribute-based styling system that styles the points based on the value of an attribute value or the display label, or randomly assign colors to the dot or custom symbols for points in a layer.
  • Updated the Download Online Imagery/Data interface to group data sources to allow easily finding data sources of a particular type or covering a particular area.
  • Updated the Control Center to support assigning groups to selected layers via the right-click menu. Those groups can then be collapsed in the Control Center to allow easily selecting, closing, or hiding/showing that group.
  • Added new right-click option to the Digitizer Tool for creating a regular grid of areas anchored at some point and of user-specified size, rotation angle, and naming.
  • Updated the export interface to replace the long sub-menus with dialogs allowing format selection to prevent overflowing the export format lists off of the screen.
  • Updated the map legend display based on vector types to allow labeling each style in the legend by the feature type, name, or any attribute value, in addition to the feature description which is what was always used before.
  • Added new EDIT_VECTOR script command (replacing the ASSIGN_TYPES command) to allow adding/updating feature attributes values and display labels, reclassifying features, rotating/scaling/offsetting feature coordinates, or marking features as deleted by searching loaded features for matches against their attributes/label values and/or types.
  • Updated PDF export to allow using a separate layer for each raster/elevation file exported to a PDF file rather than always combining them into a single layer.
  • Made grid line setup be saved in workspace files and map layout files, so your grid spacing setup will be saved separately in each workspace.
  • Allowed adding/updating per-vertex elevations for selected line and area features from loaded terrain layers using the Digitizer Tool.
  • Added elevation units selection for loaded vector layers to the main Feature Types option tab for the layer (moved from Projection tab), making it much easier to find and work with.
  • Added option to area volume measurement to find the cut height at which the cut and fill volumes would be approximately equal.
  • Added option to save color values and from loaded raster files and select the elevation units when exporting new Lidar LAS files from loaded vector data.
  • Added option to log all incoming GPS fixes and NMEA strings to a file on the GPS Setup dialog.

Supported Formats

  • Added support for exporting new DTED3/HRTE3 format files from loaded elevation data. DTED level 3 files have a resolution of 0.4 arc seconds, or about 12 meters per sample.
  • Added support for exporting loaded line data to LMN (Spectra Land Management Node) format files.
  • Added support for loading Tobin WCS (Well Coordinate System) files.
  • Added support for loading Carlson SurvCAD Grid files.
  • Added support for exporting loaded line data to Hypack Planned Line (LNW) format files.

Projection/Datum Changes

  • Added Hotine Oblique Mercator Azimuth Natural Origin projection to allow specifying Hotine projections where the false easting and northing are at the natural origin of the system.
  • Added new MGI (Croatio/Serbia), MGI (Slovenia), and NAD83 (ITRF96) datums.
  • Fixed loading of Minnesota State Plane South Feet projection from ECW files.
  • Updated Clarke 1866 Authalic Sphere to behave as the USGS intended (i.e. no conversion to WGS84, similar to how Google Maps datum works).
  • Added support for saving almost every datum from Global Mapper into exported Erdas Imagine files.
  • Added EPSG codes 2991 and 2992 for Oregon Lambert projection.
  • Updated Winkel Tripel projection to allow modifying the True Scale Latitude.
  • Updated the Interrupted Goode Homolsine projection to support a Central Longitude for zone 10 to Gauss Krueger Germany 3-degree zone projection.Kansas State Plane North and South NAD83 zone definitions for ECW files.problems parsing some MGRS coordinates with shortened for getting Gauss Krueger Germany 3-degree zone projections from Touratech TTQV .cal for saving projections using arc second and grade units to WKT PRJ files.scale value for Arizona West State Plane projection to have enough digits of precision.

Scripting Changes

  • Added new EDIT_VECTOR script command (replacing the ASSIGN_TYPES command) to allow adding/updating feature attributes values and display labels, reclassifying features, rotating/scaling/offsetting feature coordinates, or marking features as deleted by searching loaded features for matches against their attributes/label values and/or types.
  • Added new RUN_COMMAND script command to allow running any application from within a Global Mapper script.
  • Added new COMPRESSION parameter to EXPORT_RASTER command to allow specifying the compression to use when exporting GeoTIFF files. This deprecates the USE_LZW parameter
  • Added support for new %PARENT_DIR% wildcard in DIR_LOOP_START...DIR_LOOP_END loop in script to allow using the name of the parent folder for the current file.EXPORT_VECTOR script command when splitting against anything other than an actual attribute.option to KML export using EXPORT_VECTOR command to specify which feature attribute to use for the folder name in the generated KML file. The new KML_FOLDER_ATTR support specifying what attribute to use for the folder name.FILENAME_ATTR_LIST parameter for EXPORT_VECTOR command to allow specifying particular attribute values to filter against in addition to just splitting by attribute.GENERATE_CONTOURS command to support cropping contours to a polygon using the POLYGON_CROP_FILE or POLYGON_CROP_NAME for exporting slope or slope direction values to new Float/Grid format files using the EXPORT_ELEVATION command. The new parameters are EXPORT_SLOPE and EXPORT_SLOPE_DIR.running scripts via the command line return a code of 1 rather than 0 if an error occurs while processing the script.
  • Updated digitizing of new line and area features when a point location is snapped to a point feature or vertex with an elevation, a 3D line or area is created (assuming every vertex location had an elevation) with the elevation values of the clicked points/vertices.
  • Updated path details reported for line-of-sight analysis to include information about the location of the minimum LOS clearance, like the location, clearance for Fresnel zone and baseline, and elevation of baseline
  • Added option to restrict the range of considered elevation values when generating contour lines from loaded terrain data.
  • Made Download Online Imagery/Data dialog resizable.
  • Allow measuring the combined cut-and-fill volumes of multiple selected areas.the GPS Information display dialog to display the altitude above ground level (AGL) if terrain data is loaded at the current GPS location.
  • Added right-click option to the Control Center to allow selecting all onscreen layers.
  • Added right-click option to the Control Center to allow selecting all of the features in selected layers with the Digitizer Tool.
  • Added support for configuring the band layout of files within a map catalog.
  • Allow cropping to selected areas when printing.option to search by a feature's index in a layer when doing a search.
  • Updated the attribute-based styling for layers to allow wildcards (* and ?) in the attribute value strings.
  • Added 'Edit' button to Help->About dialog allowing you to easily change where settings files for things like custom datums, ellipsoids, and types/styles are stored.
  • Added new option on the 'Specify Sample Spacing in Other Units' dialog for raster and elevation exports to use the sample spacing used for the last export.
  • Added new option to view shed calculation to allow specifying a range of Fresnel zone percentage clearances to match against rather than just a minimum percent clear.
  • Made map catalogs remember the selected elevation units for vector files included in the map catalog.
  • Updated batch conversion 'Use Quad Names' option to work for any type and to use the layer description if a quad name is not available.
  • Added option to export slope values as percent rather than degrees when exporting Float Grid files.
  • Added option to combine terrain layers using a multiplication operation.
  • Added new option to convert area features with separate islands into a single parent area with all of the islands connected through a single vertex list with "stock arcs". This is useful for software that cannot handle areas with islands. The option is in the Advanced Feature Creation submenu of the right-click menu of the Digitizer Tool when at least one area with islands is selected.
  • Added option to split DTED exports into folders by the western longitude of the exported tiles. For example, a tile having a southwest corner of W90 and N35 would be stored in your selected path plus \W090\ blend mode, 'Color to Grayscale', that allows viewing any color raster /imagery layer in grayscale.the number of remembered recently used files from 6 to 9.
  • Added option to select areas that are only partially contained within an area when using the Advanced Feature Selection submenu option to Select Areas that are Contained Within Other Areas using the Digitizer Tool.
  • Made the 'I' column from .xyzi files automatically come in as an INTENSITY attribute when loading them with the File->Open Generic ASCII Data File menu command.
  • Make splitting lines with per-vertex timestamps keep the timestamps.
  • Added option to generate world files for tiles exported during Google Maps or Bing Maps exports. This can be useful when debugging the exports as you can then easily pull the exported image tiles back into Global Mapper (or other software).
  • Allowed sorting of the columns in the control points list for the rectification dialog. This is handy for sorting by the error column.
  • Added option to the Advanced section of the General tab of the Configuration dialog to allow reversing the direction of zooming down for the Page Up/Down keys and zooming with the mouse wheel.
  • Added option when exporting new GPX files to encode text using UTF-8 rather than ISO-8859-1. This allows non Western-European text to be encoded properly.
  • Added option to only re-order the selected layers in the Control Center when selecting the option to re-order layers (by name, position, etc.) in the Control Center.
  • Made the toolbar hide/show state be remembered for all toolbars.
  • Fixed some errors creating buffers areas area/line features.
  • Made batch conversion to DWG files use the DWG version last selected on the DWG export dialog.
  • Made the last selected elevation units on the custom shader dialog be remembered.
  • Made cropping to a selected area work for CSV exports.
  • Update the CSV export to use the selected Position Display Format settings for lat/lon values exported to CSV files rather than always using decimal degrees.
  • Updated the GeoPDF import to recognize multiple map areas and bring them in as separate layers at the correct location and already cropped
  • Updated the PNG export to remember the state of the "Save Vector Data if Displayed" option.
  • Fixed problems loading encrypted PDF files.
  • Corrected loading of BIL files with unsigned 16-bit elevation values.'t add CLOSED attribute from loaded ASCII files if it was just used to mark a feature as an area or line.
  • Fixed issue from v11.02 with the alpha channel from ECW files not being used.
  • Updated creating lines from areas to not copy over any default attribute values from the area to the line.
  • When copying features to the clipboard from the search results dialog, maintain the order of the sort when pasting those features.
  • Fixed loss of measurement attributes when changing the classification of newly created features with the Digitizer Tool.
  • Added new "Range Ring Center" point type.
  • Added option to reorder maps in the Control Center by their type (i.e. elevation layers first, then raster layers, and finally vector layers).
  • Updated Anuga Mesh import to use geo-referencing from file to properly position coordinates.
  • Updated creation of range rings and arc areas of a fixed radius to start the feature relative to magnetic north rather than true north if that option is selected in the Measure Tool.
  • Added option to rotate feature dialog to allow rotating around the center of each individual feature center rather than around the center of the total bounding box of all features.
  • Fixed issues with files rotated 90, 180, and 270 degrees with a world file.
  • Made 'Restore Default Settings' button on General tab of the Configuration dialog also restore all elevation shader options.
  • When editing the symbol multiple points with rotation or scaling applied, maintain the original rotation and scaling for each point unless those values are explicitly changed.
  • When editing strike-and-dip points, don't change the default strike-and-dip symbol for when new strike-and-dip points are being created.
  • Added button to feature vertices dialog to allow updating the existing per-vertex elevation values based on loaded terrain data.
  • Fixed bug exporting Lowrance LCM maps that caused many point types to come out as cities rather than the proper type (like a navaid).
  • Updated GPX to look for a URL attribute from a feature and include it as a <url> value for points exported to the new GPX file.
  • Added option to the Advanced section of the General tab of the Configuration dialog to specify that exported PRJ files should append the .prj to the entire filename (like test.ecw.prj for test.ecw) rather than replacing the existing file extension with .prj).
  • Added new 'Box Average 7x7' resampling method.
  • Added new empty square custom point symbol.
  • Allowed setting the 'Center Label on Line' setting when editing individual line feature styles.
  • Improved support for SEGP1 files with only easting and northing coordinates.
  • Updated MrSID Lidar Decode SDK to v1.1 for faster MrSID MG4 Lidar decoding.
  • Added option to load EMF files as vector or raster (the current default).
  • Fixed problems with missing data from some Tobin .bas format files.
  • Added option when applying elevation from loaded terrain data to selected point features to control whether or not the unit label (like 'ft' or 'm') is appended to the elevation.
  • Made layer metadata dialog close when the Escape key is pressed.
  • When the advanced option to always display lat/lon values as WGS84 is checked, display the lat/lon values as WGS84 in the Feature Information dialog for point features in addition to on the status bar.
  • Fixed error exporting named points with no symbol to DWG files.
  • Fixed problems getting data from some secure (HTTPS) WMS servers.
  • Added 'Automatic' setting for orientation of PDF exports to allow automatically selecting landscape or portrait orientation based on the aspect ratio of the exported data.
  • Fixed bug with left margin setting in map layout being set to right margin when saving a re-opening a workspace or Global Mapper.
  • Updated creation of a new feature classification/type from the feature edit dialog to use the currently selected style as the default style.
  • Made the shift/offset feature dialog display the bounds of the selected feature.
  • Fixed issues loading some PDS format files.
  • Fixed problem with duplicate attributes when splitting line and area features on a change in a particular column when importing ASCII data.
  • Made the automatic delimiter check during generic ASCII imports check for the pipe (|) symbol.
  • Made multi-page TIFF files load as separate layers in the Control Center.
  • Made last used contour simplification threshold be remembered.
  • When moving items in the Control Center, ensure that the item being moved remains visible if possible.
  • Fixed bug where rotating or scaling 3D area or line features would cause any per-vertex elevations to be lost.
  • Updated map catalog files to save any calculated raster statistics for a layer so they don't have to be recalculated multiple times as a map is loaded and unloaded.
  • Updated the sub-path text display on the profile dialog to include the slope as % grade (in addition to degrees slope).
  • Updated the area and line elevation statistics calculation to include the slope as percent grade in addition to degrees.
  • Updated the line elevation statistics calculation to include the maximum slope both up and down and well as the total elevation gain and loss along the line. These things are useful for evaluating hiking and biking trails.
  • Added item to right-click menu for scale bar to zoom to a user-specified scale.
  • Made more print settings, like header, scale, etc., be remembered between runs.
  • When batch converting files that are loaded in the current workspace, copy any color grade or resampling settings from the loaded layers.
  • Made the contour generation checkbox options be remembered between runs.
  • Fixed import of per-vertex elevations when breaking on the change in a particular field during generic ASCII text file import.
  • Added support for some additional non-comforming SEGP1 formats with only easting and northing values.
  • Fixed positioning of PDF files with rotated orientations and embedded world file coordinates.
  • Fixed issue with Bing Maps exports with just a single level of data not displaying in the web browser.
  • Made vector search dialog not automatically redo search when an item label or attribute is changed. This allows faster editing in-place, you just have to trigger the re-search yourself.
  • Added support for adding a point feature's latitude and longitude to the description string for the point in a KML file by using the %<Longitude>% and %<Latitude>% entries in the custom HTML text for the point description.
  • Updated search-and-replace of road name text to automatically detect iconized road names.
  • Added support for decoding Transverse Mercator projections from BSB files.type mapping when exporting MP files (or any features with a MP_TYPE attribute) to the OSM XML format.
  • When splitting area features at selected vertices, create the new areas in the same layer as the original.
  • Corrected point record size written out to exported Lidar LAS files (this was incorrect in v11.02).
  • Improved display of some TEXT entities loaded from DXF files to have the correct orientation and color.
  • Fixed incorrect export of 3D area features to DXF files.
  • Added option to control whether or not LAYER attribute is added to exported MapInfo files when doing a batch conversion.
  • Added support for grades as a bearing measurement unit in the Measure Tool.'Yes to All' and 'No to All' option for loading files where a projection is guessed based on the filename and the user is asked to confirm.
  • Fixed export of non-closed 3D areas to vector KML/KMZ files.
  • Added shortcut key (Shift+C) for File->Capture Screen Contents to Image menu item.
  • Append the classification name of a feature to the text displayed in the status bar when the cursor is over the feature if it is different than the description.
  • Updated Full View (Home) to use the cropped rather than full bounds of loaded layers.
  • Fixed custom band setup for Erdas Imagine and NITF image formats.
  • Fixed problems loading area features from some SOSI format files.
  • When creating point features from selected line and area features with the Digitizer Tool, copy the attribute values from the selected features to the new points.
  • Fixed dark display of some GIF files.
  • Fixed problems saving named views from v11.02.
  • Fixed export of header and footer text to PDF files when no top or bottom margins are used.
  • Updated the hill shading when a non-zero maximum shadow darkness is used to scale the shadows between the maximum brightness and darkness rather than clamping any shadows to the max darkness value. This allows for more contrast in the darkly shadowed areas.
  • Added support for loading SWIR and TIR data sets from ASTER L1B HDF right-click option to the Measure Tool to enable display of extra digits of precision for measurement values.
  • Updated SEGP1 exports to have an option (enabled by default) to write out easting and northing columns with an implied digit of decimal precision if possible.
  • Fixed view shed calculation for checking beam visibility for negative transmission angles.
  • When saving a line of sight to a KML file from the Path Profile dialog, save extra points along the line of sight rather than just the endpoints so that it displays properly in Google Earth.
  • Added time of fix to GPS Information dialog.
  • Updated WMS import to not default to EPSG:4326 (Lat/Lon WGS84) if the WMS server does not explicitly specify that EPSG:4326 is supported and there is another recognized projection available.
  • Fixed issues loading some DGN files, particularly in the 64-bit version.
  • Make sure that point features created from area centroids are always inside the area feature that they are created from.
  • Updated package export to store elevation values with centimeter rather than decimeter precision. This results in slightly larger GMP files but higher precision.
  • Updated Shapefile export to not mark fields with all empty values as numeric by default, but instead as character fields (unless the field came from a loaded layer that explicitly marked the field as numeric).
  • Updated vector KML/KMZ export to allow loading an HTML description from a file.

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