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Unexpected gift from Global Mapper... / 13.03.2010...
Hi to All,

Last days I've downloaded some abt 250 000 tiles (jpg+map pairs...) of a huge map... Total size abt 3.5 GB...
I was thinking "How to deal with" such a huge map-set... My fault and shame on me...
I was ignoring GM MapCatalog capabilities..., expecting that my "own" catalogues on HDD are good enough for my needs... But it wasn't true...
Today I've RCVD following reply from our Guru - Mike.. and I wish to share his reply with all of You, Global Mapper Users... making the same error as me..

I think the map catalog is what you want to do. When you create the map catalog you specify when you want the maps in the map catalog to be loaded and displayed. This can be at a particular zoom scale, or when the map bounding boxes take up at least a certain percentage of the screen. If you edit your map catalog so that the maps show up sooner, then you simply have to zoom into an area and when you are zoomed in far enough the map tiles will automatically load and display. The map catalog will also handle automatically unloading maps as they are no longer needed, thus allowing you to work with huge quantities of mapping data without memory issues.
The map catalog will do exactly that, automatically loading maps as needed for display and export and unloading them when no longer needed.

O tym musicie wiedzieć...
Długo trwałem w błędzie uważając, że moje własne katalogi map i danych porządkowane skrupulatnie i opisane zapewnią mi swobodę odszukania potrzebnych składników... Ostatnio pojawił się jednak temat "zagospodarowania" i ogarnięcia tysięcy "tiles=kafelków" dużej i dokładnej mapy... ja z tym pracować, jak odszukać waściwy akurat potrzebny...
Zapytałem Mike, tak jak wielu innych poszukujących nowych rozwiązań na Forum GM.
I tak jak zwykle, okazuje się, że wszystko w GlobalMapper już było i JEST !...

Właściwie skonfigurowany GM Map Catalog umożliwia płynną pracę na bardzo dużych zbiorach źródłowych bez obciążania systemy ładowaniem ich w całości... Po konfiguracji MC program aktywnie wyszukuje brakujące fragmenty (kafelki) przy przesuwaniu ekranu i pozbywa się aktualnie "zbędnych" wychodzących poza bieżący obszar roboczy...

Sami oceńcie co to oznacza dla sprawnej pracy...

* * *

Good INFO re: Global Mapper:
"Global Mapper is one the most powerful and practical utilities for geographical data production and GIS data management. It allows you to combine and generate the most variated data formats supported by the cartography industry. Something to have into account is the fact that Global Mapper makes all of this possible for only a small portion of the price of its competitors
There is not a GIS tool who compares with Global Mapper when you need to manage simultaneously the most variated types of data such as altitude files, vector data and raster or ASCII files with different coordinate and projection systems, all at the same time, and into one of the most simple and user friendly environment you ever seen.
With Global Mapper you can produce ouputs that are impossible to do with other high level products. Global Mapper unveils all the power of your hardware allowing you to manage huge data files with low-performance computers."
Global Mapper has been adopted by the USGS as a standard tool under the name of dlvg32 Pro. So you can have the peace of mind that all the convertion calculations and all the export formats match with the most elevated standards of the industry and they assure you an absolute compatibility when exchanging data with other users or applications .

* * *

Global Mapper Software designs, develops, and distributes the Global Mapper software package
that is also distributed by the United State Geological Survey under the name dlgv32 Pro. Global Mapper is more than just a utility; it has built in functionality for distance and area calculations, raster blending, feathering, spectral analysis and contrast adjustment, elevation querying, line of sight calculations, cua-ans-fill volume calculations, as well as advance capabilities like image rectification, contour generation from surface data, view shed analysis from surface data, terrain layer comparison, and triangulation and gridding of 3D point data. You can downloaded for a free trial, or purchase it online. The website also provides a user manual, and Global Mapper forum. By joining the affiliate program you are able to sell Global Mapper licenses at the suggested retail price; by doing that you will get a 30% commission on every sale. You can sign up in the website and start earning some extra cash.

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